March 18, 2017

Julie Stamper MA Ed

a�?Dr. Daphne is a catalyst for inspired action. She is eminently qualified in the field of
entrepreneurship, and all facets of business building. Dr. Daphne has several qualities
that set her apart from the crowd. She is blessed with the intuitive ability to reflect both
the stated and unstated concerns of her client and deliver the right words at the right
time with understanding and compassion. Dr. Daphne is genuinely invested in helping
her clients meet their personal goals. In my first six months of working with Dr. Daphne,
her guidance helped me sort my goals, assess my talents, and learn about business
building. I wrote a book, and attended a business conference with her. She pushed me
when I needed to be pushed, and respected the time I needed to process ideas that were
foreign to me. I am a different person as a result of her enlightened tutelage. I am more
focused, less stressed, moving forward with a renewed sense of adventure and confidence.
Dr. Daphne is just a phone call or email away, Dr. Daphne was there to guide me, getting
back to me within an hour or two. I felt as if I were her most important client.
Dr. Daphne is the value added coach who models integrity, gratitude, and personal
empowerment. I consider her my mentor, friend and teacher.a�?